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Binary Options School

Welcome to the Binary Options training course.

In fact, this is a book about trading that took almost a year to write. It contains my trading experience, the experience of my colleagues, and materials adapted from various Western trading schools.

The Binary Options training course is designed to carefully guide a beginner from a naive enthusiast to a focused master who can make money on every price movement. The school provides a psychological and technical foundation, the understanding and practice of which will, at a minimum, prevent you from losing money and, at the maximum, teach you how to make money.

I know you will clear your head of all doubts and start absorbing the lessons one by one. Because they are fascinatingly written (I tried), it’s all very interesting and fun, and the subject is understandable.

Take it slow. This is a training course designed for at least 2-3 months. Without practice, rethinking, and practicing on charts, all this knowledge will not be of much use to you.

Moreover, the school is a living organism. Years go by, articles are updated, supplemented, rewritten, reviewed, and so it will continue.

The knowledge presented here is universal – it can also be used in fixed and digital contracts, in forex, stock market, cryptocurrencies, and so on.

Basic Level

Knowledge. Where do Binary Options come from, what are they, why and where did they originate? How they work, and what our role is in relation to them, as traders. The brokers.

  1. What are Binary Options
  2. Real Binary Options
  3. Binary Options or Forex
  4. Varieties of Binary Options
  5. 60 seconds or “Turbo”
  6. A Brief Dictionary for a Beginner in Binary Options
  7. 5 important tips to start trading Binary Options
  8. Check Binary Options brokers
  9. Binary Options Operators: Economics and Mathematics
  10. Binary Options: Gambling or Work
  11. Binary Options: Demo account
  12. Role and Prices
  13. Binary Options Bonuses
  14. How to be deceived in Binary Options
  15. Robots and Signals in Binary Options

Intermediate Level

Trading psychology, risk management, and money management are the main reasons money is lost. You need to study intermediate-level material before making the first deposit to the broker.

Advanced Level

This is a school of technical analysis – the primary working tool of a trader. From Dow theory, candles, strategies, and indicators from the basic to the exotic like Gann and Elliot. The school provides a comprehensive overview of modern technical analysis and its adaptation for use in Binary Options and forex.


Intense. Complex. For experienced traders who have been working in BO/FX for over a year and want to take a qualitative step forward.

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