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Binary Options Robots and Signals

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The same goes for paid signals and indicators. All this garbage offers, at best, the usual technical analysis, freely available on any industry resource, at worst, they sell a boring slot machine. Signalers are good helpers for binary companies and often cooperate with them, often being created by them.

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Many robots and signal services are created by the binary companies themselves.

This is a great topic for them. A beginner who doesn’t understand anything, nor wonders why a company has the secret of the market (otherwise how would there be “profit signals”) thinks they can get everything by investing 3 cents.

What is given away for free or almost for free? It’s easy to guess.

Sites like:

  • WinOptionSignals
  • TradeSignals Sinais
  • from Ozerov
  • Option-Signal
  • SignalsForBinaryOptions
  • vfxAlert
  • BinaryBits
  • ProTrustGroup
  • BoSSignals
  • AGTS
  • EVG
  • Binary
  • premium-signals

And thousands of others – all this is just the most primitive scam for newbies who haven’t yet understood where they stand. Isn’t it funny to see how many websites have popped up that supposedly “know how” to predict the currency market and sell this “skill” to everyone? It’s not hard to guess where all these people have come from and what they need from you.

Signalers and robot sellers like to talk about a 70-90% “guaranteed profit”.

Binary Options Robots and Signals

Yes, but

There are fewer and fewer suckers paying for free signals and robots, including supposedly free signals. The fake signals industry is dying. How do you profit?

So, in order to receive signals, you have to register with a broker to whom you will be referred. What’s the point here?

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You register using the broker’s link that you are given. And the broker pays the owner of the link for the money you leave with the broker. A very simple and transparent scheme.

As a result, you will receive “free signals”, according to which you will leave real money with the broker and the one who attracted you will receive a percentage. This is how all signalers work, including the current flourishing of signal channels on Telegram, where often “rich” and “successful traders” are eager to share “working” signals with you for some reason.

The scam is simple. Some unscrupulous brokers cooperate with such signalers and have fooled – and this is no joke – tens of thousands of people. In a normal country, they would have been criminally liable. But, unfortunately, in Brazil they go unpunished.

But not in the USA. All the binaries were thrown out of the American market, because the state regulator SEC was enraged by what had happened. Now there are dozens of lawsuits and scenes… delightful. Millions of fines and dozens of years in prison for those who, a few years ago, “helped make money” on the binary market.

But, as you can see, they don’t lie!

Man, Brazilians are often naive and powerless creatures who believe everything they’re told. Everyone takes advantage of this – the authorities, stores, banks, micro-credits, Forex, everything.

He is always at a loss when confronted with someone who is brazen, cynical and cruel. It’s hard for him to believe: “How can you lie like that!”

A straight face, that’s how. It’s the basis of everything. You can test this immediately on your own skin if you want to gain experience. Please – find out where to download a binary options robot, buy signals and let them automatically “earn” money for you. Lucky you, right?

Let it be that for the first time in the history of retail trading, the robot manages to achieve 80% of successful predictions for the interbank foreign exchange market. The main thing is not to tell the traders at the bank – they’ll have a heart attack from laughing.

No binary options robot will make a profit for you

As written in the linked article, 80% of the signals would make you a millionaire if you invested $500 in a year. This, as you understand, is absurd. So stay away from illusions that someone will make money for you.

These projects are just a waste of money by inexperienced, “green” newcomers.

Be smart, open your eyes, turn on your brain. Only cynical traders with a clear, cold mind survive in this market. Naive people with rose-colored glasses, a sect of believers in magic robots and profitable signals simply can’t stand it here in this world, because they instantly lose their money.

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As practice shows, these warnings are useless. People don’t notice them because they subconsciously believe in a simple solution to their problems. So if you’ve fallen victim to these robots (and you will be one of them, statistically), don’t blame yourself – there are plenty of these suckers. The best experience is always achieved through pain. But for once, remember this. If you’ve been cheated two, three or more times, if you’re cheated all the time, and you’re even happy to be cheated, it’s time not just to draw conclusions, but to change something in your life and in your world view.

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