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Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

recursos de negociacao intradiaria e estrategias de fim de dia para opcoes binarias

There are a lot of impatient traders in OB, wouldn’t you agree? They don’t want to wait for the result for several hours, let alone days or even weeks. Many people want to see their balance increase almost every minute. However, intraday binary options trading is considered the least dangerous. Why? Today you’ll find out.

What are the dangers of binary options for beginner traders?

quais sao os perigos das opcoes binarias para traders iniciantes

One thing we noticed about each broker is that all their advertisements praise binary options trading. Yes, it’s a highly profitable instrument. Yes, you can make money within a minute of the close. Yes, it’s easier than the Forex market, and even more so than trading on a real exchange. But few people realize how dangerous binary options are.

Options expiry and how to choose them

expiracao de opcoes e como escolhe las

Expiry means the end of the term. In binary trading, the time at which the transaction ends is chosen independently by the trader. But at the same time, there are nuances that need to be considered. Today you will learn how to choose the expiry time of options with maximum benefit for you. Understand the difference between short-term and long-term transactions.

Features of evening binary options trading

caracteristicas das negociacoes de opcoes binarias a noite

Many people like to sleep at night. Many, but not all. Traders generally prefer to make binary options trades at night. It doesn’t matter what it is connected with, with the regime or with the main job, which takes away the day. The fact remains. Today we will find out what the characteristics of these negotiations are and what the most “owl” traders should pay attention to first.