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Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

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There are a lot of impatient traders in OB, wouldn’t you agree? They don’t want to wait for the result for several hours, let alone days or even weeks. Many people want to see their balance increase almost every minute. However, intraday binary options trading is considered the least dangerous. Why? Today you’ll find out.

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Let’s take a look at the main features of this type of trading, as well as familiarize ourselves with a good strategy for the end of the day in binary options. We warn you in advance that scalpers may not like the information in this article. If you are one of them, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the features of shorter-term binary options.

Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

Why is intraday trading better than short-term trading?

On our website, we’ve already talked about more than a dozen short-term trading strategies. But at the same time, we always warn that this method is one of the riskiest. And there are several reasons for this.

Trading with a close at the end of the day has several important advantages over short-term trading, see below:

  • You can perform higher quality technical and fundamental analysis. In previous articles, we’ve mentioned that it’s almost impossible to carry out market analysis for one-minute time frames due to market noise and other factors. Trading binary options on longer time frames allows you to use indicators, technical analysis data and news with greater precision. Most strategies can be implemented with these longer time frames;

  • You don’t have to constantly sit in front of your computer with the platform open. You just have to wait for the entry point to appear, open a trade and then take care of your other business, as this trading can take just a few hours a day. Do you have a main job? Then end-of-day trading is certainly better for you;
  • It’s easier to trade. In minute options, every second of delay can be worth money. That’s why newbies lose their deposits even faster, as basic mistakes are constantly made: the wrong expiration date, the amount of the investment or even the direction of the transaction. Trust us, we know what we’re talking about. We’ve made such mistakes ourselves before.

Compared to trades that expire after a few days or weeks, intraday binary options trading has its advantages.

First of all, let’s look at the fact that almost every day various news items are published, as well as other factors that affect market behavior. Today, the price may show an upward movement and tomorrow a sharp collapse may occur. This is why long-term contracts sometimes tend to be more unpredictable. However, to be fair, note that this is not always the case.

Secondly, for long-term trading, higher investments are required. When trading binary options at the end of the day, a trader opens around 5 trades on average. Let’s say an investment in each option is 100 reais. 4 trades are won and 1 is lost. In total, with a payout of 80%, this trader’s daily net profit will be 220 reais.

Not bad if you earn like that every day. With long-term trades only, the trader usually opens fewer trades: around 1-3 contracts per day. Consequently, making the same profit of 220 reais is often more tedious.

In many cases, intraday options trading is the best trading option. So it’s time to learn how to trade with expiry at the end of the day.

End-of-day hibernation strategy for binary options

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This strategy was once popular with forex traders. It lasts about 2 weeks, and a lot has been learned from using it in trading.

So, first you need to download and install the Meta Trader 4 platform. To find an entry point, we’ll use various indicators. After installing this terminal, you need to download indicators.

With the introductory part explained, let’s take a closer look at the aspects of the daily strategy for binary options. We use 4 indicators to analyze the chart.

  1. 2 moving averages with different periods.
  2. MA crossover signal – when the moving averages cross, the instrument draws an arrow on the chart and beeps.
  3. Classic RSI, whose task is to show when the price of an asset is in the overbought or oversold zone.
  4. Super Woodie CCI, an oscillator created by the authors of this strategy. As you might have guessed from the name, it was created on the basis of the classic CCI.

After moving the archive files to the necessary folders and installing the template in an open terminal, your graph should look like the image below.

Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

Let’s move on to looking for signals to conclude a trade. We will buy a put option if the following conditions are met:

  • The fast moving average crossed the slow one from top to bottom;
  • The moving average crossover signal showed a red arrow;
  • The RSI crossed the 50 level from top to bottom;
  • The CCI line is below the zero level.
Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

We open an up trade when the indicators show the following signals:

  • The fast moving average broke through the slow one from below;
  • The moving average crossover signal showed a green arrow;
  • The RSI line crossed the 50 level from below;
  • The CCI is above zero.
Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

We’re looking for entry signals on the H1 timeframe. Well, since we’re considering binary options strategies until the end of the day, the expiry period is already clear.

How to improve signal quality

Binary Hibernate shows many signs. If you follow all of them, you’ll probably get confused. However, they can be easily filtered out.

Remember that this strategy is based on moving average lines. And we’ve said more than once that this indicator gives excellent signals in the case of a strong trend, but problems can start during the consolidation period.

If you trade at the intersection of the moving averages, the number of signals increases noticeably. But at the same time, their quality drops significantly. The lines often cross, but not for long. So the trader receives a signal, opens a trade and then realizes that his prediction hasn’t come true.

Do you understand the advice we want to give you? Don’t open trades during a sideways trend (low volatility). You will almost certainly be in the red. There are several ways to determine the strength of a trend. You can use trend levels to build support and resistance levels. Another way is to define a third moving average line with a period of 50 or more, which shows the direction of the trend. You can also use the ADX indicator. Overall, there are enough ways to determine the direction and strength of the trend, so you can easily improve the quality of the signals for the binary options strategy at the end of the day, such as binary hibernation.

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Well, now you can proceed to test the strategy for yourself and try your luck at trading intraday options. All the information you need to get started has been provided. If you have any questions, comments are open.

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