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Paper and Prices

Papel e Preços

Paper trading is… you got it right. You and a piece of paper. It can be done electronically. Yes, that’s the old way, there are a lot of forecasting tools on the charts now, like forecasting, but there is something so attractive and simple about paper trading. It’s a good way, really. Take a notebook, a pen, sit in front … Leia mais

Binary Options: demo account

Opções Binárias: conta demo

On the site I have already described the features of working with a demo account, now let’s analyze them in more detail. The essence, I think, does not need to be explained – this is a virtual account with fake money, with which you can train without fear of losing real money. There are even demo accounts without registration online, … Leia mais

Binary Options or Forex

Opções Binárias ou Forex

Your city is probably full of Forex advertisements, countless billboards, fabulous promises and castles in the air. Well, Forex is in fact one of the most popular and lucrative markets in the world. Turnover in 2021 was more than 6 trillion dollars a day. Huge funds are traded over electronic networks every second during currency conversion operations on the interbank … Leia mais

Varieties of Binary Options

Variedades de Opções Binárias

Many brokers offer a wide variety of instruments and not just the banal Up/Down choice. It’s easy to get confused and it’s not clear which is better or worse. Often, brokers don’t bother to explain the characteristics of these instruments and simply tell fairy tales about how profitable they all are. However, we are no longer children to believe in … Leia mais

Binary Options Bonuses

Bônus de Opções Binárias

Hello, boy or girl. You want money, don’t you? Yes, I know. You want gifts. You want to press two buttons on the Internet and get paid for it – a great job, considering you haven’t done any work on the regular. You’re looking for a place to make easy money, so that you don’t have to do anything and … Leia mais

Check Binary Options brokers

Verifique as corretoras de Opções Binárias

Fucking brokers again? You’re joking. You were warned that this would happen, weren’t you? So, we’re… going to revisit this subject again, but from a slightly different angle (all of it, all of it, for the last time). In general, it’s not difficult to choose brokers these days. It was quite complicated in 2013-2016, you had to be an expert. … Leia mais

60 seconds or “Turbo”


60-second binary options, also known as “turbo”, are incredibly popular with newbies. In fact, they always start with them. Why wait when you can almost double your profit in such a ridiculously short time? Tell you what. Let’s ask 6 experienced Western binary options traders (I’ve translated their answers) what they think about these short-term options. Then I’ll add my … Leia mais

A Brief Dictionary for a Binary Options Beginner


At first, we often come across incomprehensible words, so here we’ll go through the most common ones. Binary options terms for beginners Active Something that has a price that we see on the charts. We predict the movement of the price (quotation) and profit from it. For example: Currencies: EUR/USD Actions: AAPL Indices: S&P500 Produtos de base: UKOIL Bulls High … Leia mais

Binary options: casino or job

Opções Binárias: cassino ou trabalho

Because of stupid advertising to the most ignorant and greedy segments of the population, usually through very basic persuasion, binary options are often mistaken for a game or casino. Yes, they are positioned in a similar way. Binary companies emphasize in every possible way that 2 buttons are the simplest and sponsor sports teams. Some sponsor Juventus, others sponsor the … Leia mais