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Best features of the IQ Broker platform

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IQ Broker is known as the world’s most sophisticated broker, a neutral provider of trading platforms. The company was founded by Daniel Tochner with the aim of developing an algorithmic trading platform that allows you to trade forex, futures and stocks. Daniel Tochner is the current CEO of IQ Broker, with over 15 years’ experience in professional software development, capital markets and business administration.

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To ensure that the company offers its clients the best products and services, it has developed 18 different types of .NET scenarios. These scripts are designed to manage all aspects of arbitrage or algorithmic trading. But that’s not all, the platform allows traders and investors to test and optimize their trading strategies when trading stocks, futures and Forex.

Best features of the IQ Broker platform

Best Platform Features

IQ Broker has developed a platform for trading stocks, futures and currencies. To offer users the best possible experience, the platform provides a unique set of powerful features. These include:


Best features of the IQ Broker platform

The platform supports chart trading, allowing traders and investors to operate directly via an integrated trading panel. Users can change the chart styles to one of the following types: box, candlestick, trending candlestick, candle volume, point close, equi-volume and histogram volumes. But that’s not all. Users can also change orders directly from the menu and set up complex alerts.


IQ Broker’s developers understand how important it is for traders to have a greater chance of success with every trade. As a result, they have added a reverse testing and optimization function. This feature helps traders and investors optimize their entire portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies using customized algorithms and optimization objectives.


Along with the platform, there are 18 different types of .net scripts available, which are combined into the following groups – strategy, chart and portfolio level scripts. The scripts are designed to customize all aspects of discretionary and algorithmic trading for traders and investors.

Various workspaces

Best features of the IQ Broker platform

Users have access to several workspaces, each with its own trading tools. The workspaces are flexible and structured. They can be modified and rebuilt by merging cells. In addition, users can name, delete, load and save workspaces.


With this feature, traders and investors have the ability to view information on open positions for each symbol. You can also view real-time streaming quotes for each symbol and add Watchlist columns to help calculate indicators, patterns and signals.

Other services

Server / VPS

IQ Broker offers powerful cloud VPS solutions for professional traders. The servers are located all over the world to provide users with 99.9% uptime and proximity to the market. Each VPS server is configured for an optimal trading experience and extremely fast performance. The following service packages are available:

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I. Silver VPS – US$149.95
ii. Gold VPS – US$199.95
iii. Platinum VPS – US$299.95


IQ Broker is run by a team of experts who are ready to help users develop trading strategies and indicators for the platform. This allows users to take advantage of many features and trade more successfully. The service is available for a fee, depending on the complexity of the script.

IQ Broker’s experts provide on-site consulting for hedge funds, trading companies and local offices. The same service also extends to wealthy individuals planning to use their platform. The aim of the on-site training is to provide clients with expert, personalized advice, thus helping users learn how to implement, test and deploy the platform. But that’s not all. Experts are ready to travel anywhere in the world to meet customer needs.

Contact support for more help.


Best features of the IQ Broker platform

Traders interested in learning how to use the IQ Broker platform have the chance to receive training from professionals. This is designed for non-programmers with zero programming experience. More experienced programmers can also learn new things that are useful for optimizing the platform for a better experience.


As a company dedicated to developing sophisticated trading platforms and algorithmic trading software, it provides its services for a fee. For example, the training offered to non-programmers, but also to more experienced programmers, costs US$299.95. For consulting services, the company asks users to contact customer service for customized service packages.

As for the platform, it is available in three packages: the community edition, which is free, the professional edition costs US$49.95 per month and the Enterprise edition costs US$299.95 per month.

Last comment

IQBroker provides a powerful broker-neutral trading platform that allows users to test and optimize their trading strategies for best results. They offer training and consulting services to improve the way users use their platform. To find out more about IQ Broker, visit their website.

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Melhores Características Da Plataforma IQ BrokerMelhores Características Da Plataforma IQ Broker

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