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How to Deposit with IQ Option via Boleto

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Choosing the payment method for trading on the financial market is something that causes doubts, especially among beginners. IQ Option, despite being a foreign company, has agreements that allow Brazilians to deposit via boletos bancários. Yes, boletos bancários in the plural, understand the differences here and the best option for you.

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Welcome if this is your first time on our site. Our aim is to make your path as a binary options trader easier and we do this not only by teaching you trading techniques and strategies, but also by addressing the small details and doubts that can make all the difference in this market.

One of the brokers we prefer is IQ Option, so many of our tips will be aimed at traders who want to trade with this broker. But bear in mind that many of these tips also apply to the different companies operating in the binary options market.

The subject of this article, however, will be more focused on the broker we mentioned specifically. We’ll be talking about boleto deposits at IQ Option. We’ve noticed that some people have doubts and difficulties about this, so we’ll be happy to help you solve them here!

How to Deposit with IQ Option via Boleto

Payment Options Available at IQ Option

Despite technological innovations and new payment options emerging every day, the good old reliable boleto bancário is still one of the most popular and preferred forms of payment among us Brazilians.

It is the best option for those who want to pay in cash, or even through their bank account. If you don’t like carrying credit card debts into next month, boleto is certainly the best option for you too.

But we can’t fail to highlight the payment options available to you in addition to boleto at IQ Option: Visa and MasterCard credit cards and e-wallets (Neteller and Skrill for example).

Available Boleto Types at IQ Option

How to Deposit with IQ Option via Boleto

You didn’t get it wrong, having a boleto bancário option available for payment at foreign companies like IQ Option is already unusual, now more than one type of boleto is available? How does that work?

There are 3 boleto options at IQ Option:

  • Boleto Bancário (standard)
  • Boleto Lotérica
  • Boleto Rápido
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After all, is there a difference between the 3? If so, what are the differences and advantages that each one offers?

These are the questions on your mind and we’ll answer them below!

Boleto Bancário (standard)

IQ Option currently offers the same processing time for all types of boleto: 1 to 2 working days.

Like a normal boleto, it consists of a numerical and bar code that can be paid at any bank branch, lottery shop or internet banking. The minimum deposit amount for this form of deposit is just R$60.

Boleto Lotérica

This option is the result of an IQ Option agreement that allows payments made at a lottery office to be recognized more quickly. With this in mind, if you prefer to pay your boleto at a lottery office, this may be the best boleto payment option at IQ Option.

Just like the standard boleto, the minimum deposit amount for this IQ Option boleto modality with lottery shops is just R$60, the platform’s minimum deposit amount for real payments.

Boleto Rápido

Although IQ Option says that this boleto rápido is also cleared within 2 working days like the others, the type of agreement it has may allow it to be cleared within hours or on the same day.

So if you’re in a hurry, this is the best option for you because it can be as fast as its name suggests. The only catch with this IQ Option ticket is the minimum deposit amount, which is R$250.

If you intend to deposit an amount equal to or greater than this, this will certainly be a good option for a boleto deposit at IQ Option.

How to Deposit at IQ Option via Boleto

How to Deposit with IQ Option via Boleto

To deposit with IQ Option using a boleto, you’ll see a button in green letters in the top right-hand corner labeled “Deposit”. Then select the “Real Account” option and from there you can select one of the 3 payment options using boleto bancário.

The procedure for issuing a boleto at IQ Option is very simple. Select or type in the amount you want to deposit into your account. You will then be asked for the following information: first name, last name, telephone number (don’t forget to enter the area code) and CPF number.

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The payment deadline is 2 working days, so if you generate the boleto on a weekend, don’t worry, this is taken into account. The IQ Option boleto is accepted at all bank branches, lottery shops and internet banks.

What if the Boleto Deposit doesn’t show up in the account?

First of all, take it easy. We know that making online payments on the Internet is something that can make us worry, especially when the payment takes a long time to process.

Also bear in mind that it is very unusual for boleto deposits at IQ Option to take longer than expected to be credited to your account, but isolated cases can happen not only at IQ Option, but also at other binary trading platforms.

Knowing this, IQ Option itself recommends contacting their support team if such a problem occurs. They recommend that you have the receipt in hand to send to them in order to speed up any verification and processing.

Is it worth depositing with IQ Option by boleto?

No doubt about it! IQ Option is a secure platform that offers encryption and security for your data, and also has agreements with Brazilian companies to guarantee receipt of deposits made via boletos bancários.

What’s more, if you issue a boleto bancário on IQ Option and don’t pay, there’s no charge and you can issue another one free of charge in the meantime, allowing you to pay when it’s most convenient for you.

Payment by credit card is a more convenient alternative for many people, but at IQ Option, the boleto bancário does its job very well and is a safe choice if you prefer or want to try out this deposit option.

After reading this article, you can start depositing at IQ Option by opening a demo account on the IQ Option platform, and get to know the most interesting trading strategies.

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