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Registering with IQ Option, why should you and how?

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Register with IQ Option and gain access to a wide variety of markets and assets. This broker is one of the biggest players in the binary options market and it goes beyond that. Registering with IQ Option is free, as is being able to trade on the training account.

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Hello investor! If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’re interested in or already trade the binary options market. And if you still don’t know what this market is, this article is also for you! In it we’ll explain how to register with IQ Option and why you should do so.

IQ Option is one of the world’s leading and largest investment brokers. Although it is not Brazilian, its website is available in Portuguese, which also applies to its support.

In addition, registration is very simple and well explained. In any case, we’ll explain all the details of registering with IQ Option, as well as answer any questions you may have about this process or related to this broker.

Registering with IQ Option, why should you and how?

Why should I register with IQ Option?

IQ Option is a company that has been on the market since 2013 and already has more than 45 million users spread across 213 countries around the world and its website is available in 17 languages, including Portuguese.

The site has an impeccable interface and great fluidity, and also has a great app for Android and iOS.

We’re talking about a company that has earned its place in the market and is one of the biggest, if not the biggest reference in binary options.

Below, we’ll list the main reasons why you should register with IQ Option.

Is it safe to register with IQ Option?

In the digital environment in which we live, there is great concern about providing personal data, especially in matters involving money. Know that at IQ Option, registration does not require a deposit.

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That’s right, you don’t pay anything to create an IQ Option account. When you register, you can choose to deposit money right away, although this is not compulsory. You are automatically directed to a demo account, where you can test and evaluate the platform and its features in full.

For us, this is very positive, as it demonstrates the transparency of this company in showing the resources offered without charge, rather than only after payment.

You can also see that the site has encryption and security certification, which guarantees that your data and money will be properly secured within this platform.

IQ Option offers binary options and much more

Registering with IQ Option, why should you and how?

The choice of markets and their respective assets that can be traded on IQ Option is huge. There are over 200 markets, which even go beyond binary options. By registering with IQ Option, you can, for example, trade shares in companies such as Apple, Tesla and Google.

At IQ Option you can trade assets such as: Forex, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and Funds. If you don’t yet have much experience in the financial market, this is an incredible opportunity to get to know a wide variety of markets through the same broker.

By registering with IQ Option, you can use the conta demo and test each of these markets for free, and maybe you’ll soon find a particular market or asset that you’re a good fit for.

Have all the resources you need at your fingertips with IQ Option

In addition to offering a wide variety of options for trading, IQ Option provides a wealth of resources and tools for your operations.

When you register with IQ Option, you’ll have everything you need to execute your trading strategies at your disposal. The level of customization of the charts is very good, and it is very easy and practical to work with the indicators provided.

Enjoy high-quality support and content

Another of the main reasons why you should register with IQ Option is because of the high quality of service it offers. As we mentioned earlier, in addition to the website being fully translated into Portuguese, it also has customer service in our native language.

The service is usually fast and the staff very friendly, and we’ve always had a good experience when we’ve had any questions or problems with the platform, although problems have happened on rare occasions.

We love having you on our site, enjoying our experiences in binary options and the financial market, and we hope you’ll continue to follow us. But we need to be fair and also praise the good work that IQ Option does in producing content in relation to the platform itself and educational.

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So, as well as great support, by registering with IQ Option you’ll also have plenty of quality material at your disposal to help you on your way as a trader.

How to register with IQ Option

Now that we’ve listed some of the main reasons why we recommend you register with IQ Option, let’s get down to the practical side, where we’ll help you create your account.

Doing this is very simple and quick, so you’ll be able to do it in just a few quick steps, which we’ll explain below.

Step-by-step registration with IQ Option

  1. On the IQ Option homepage, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on “Register”.
  2. Fill in your name, surname, country, e-mail address or telephone number and create a password. Don’t forget to check the box confirming that you are of legal age and that you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  3. (optional) You can also do the above procedure from a Facebook or Google account, which can speed up the process a little.
  4. You will be directed to the IQ Option platform, where you can choose to start with the $ 10,000 demo account or make a deposit.
  5. The simulator requires you to make a short test trade, so select an asset and select “up” or “down”.

That’s it, your IQ Option registration is complete

After this test listed in step 5, which only takes a few seconds, all you have to do is go to the e-mail address you entered and confirm that your account has been activated.

Next, it’s important to set up your preferred payment method, add and verify email or phone to your account, as well as two-step verification. This way you can make your IQ Option account more secure and start trading with peace of mind!

After reading this article, you can register with IQ Option by opening a demo account on the IQ Option platform, and get to know the most interesting trading strategies.

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