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Starting at IQ Option with a bank transfer is possible

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Not yet started with binary options? IQ Option is a solid and reliable broker. Start trading and take the first step in your career as a trader by making an initial deposit. In this article we explain the main and best ways to deposit and withdraw so that you can get ahead.

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Binary options are one of the latest and best ways to make money available on the market. One of the best options for entering this segment is through IQ Option, one of the largest and most reliable brokers in the world.

If you’re new to this market and have tried to make an initial deposit, you may have had some concerns about security and the types of information requested by the platform.

In fact, security and the information that is requested have everything to do with it, as the information required by IQ Option is done precisely with the aim of ensuring that you are “yourself” and that any profits are guaranteed exclusively to the account holder.

So if you’re new to this market, don’t worry, IQ Option is a safe option not only for trading, but also for depositing and withdrawing money. In this article we will explain the methods for doing this, such as the option to make a bank transfer to IQ Option.

Starting at IQ Option with a bank transfer is possible

Depositing with IQ Option is easy, practical and fast

By accessing the IQ Option website, you will see that it is available in Portuguese, including the deposit and withdrawal menus, where you will find options for bank transfers to IQ Option.

For deposits, as usual, Visa and MasterCard credit card options are available, but we understand that these are options that you may not have available at the moment, or that you simply don’t want to use.

The good news is that IQ Option offers many other options for Brazilian users, such as the popular boleto bancário. However, this option takes a few days to clear and be credited to your brokerage account, and we know that waiting can be a bit difficult.

Demo accounts can be annoying, but they are important allies, so use them!

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If you opt for the boleto bancário, our recommendation is to study and practice on the demo account available from the broker. We know this can be a bit boring and monotonous, but bear in mind that it’s much better to lose fictitious money if you don’t yet feel 100% prepared to trade.

Bank transfers to IQ Option with e-wallets

Starting at IQ Option with a bank transfer is possible


Other good options available are e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Advcash and WebMoney. They offer their own deposit and withdrawal options, with the first two offering a transfer option.

E, melhor ainda, possuem como opção os principais bancos brasileiros. Você pode, por exemplo, encaminhar fundos para a IQ Option através de transferência bancária do Banco do Brasil, mediante a carteira eletrônica.

Essas opções de pagamento repassam os fundos para a IQ option de forma instantânea, ou seja, é como se você efetuasse uma transferência bancária para a IQ Option diretamente, mas, passando pela carteira eletrônica primeiramente.

How do I deposit funds?


Withdrawals at IQ Option are even easier

Withdrawing from IQ Option is even easier due to the option available to withdraw to several Brazilian banks. But, if you prefer, you can also withdraw to your credit card, where your card bill will be credited with the amount withdrawn, which can be a good option for your card expenses. However, please note that this withdrawal option takes the longest.

As we explained earlier, you can also do the same through e-wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill, for example. From there, you can choose how to withdraw your profits.

Starting at IQ Option with a bank transfer is possible

But the highlight is the wide variety of banks you can withdraw to, such as: Agibank, Banco do Brasil, Itaú, BANRISUL, BMP MONEY PLUS, BNDES, Bradesco, C6, Caixa Econômica, Citibank, Credit Suisse and Votorantim, Inter, Original, Safra, Santander, Sicredi, UBS Pactual S.A.

Important precautions for withdrawals

You may have come across people reporting problems withdrawing from IQ Option, and many of them are due to simple problems that can be solved quickly.

To avoid this, pay extra attention when filling in your personal and payment details. A single wrong CPF digit is enough to prevent you from receiving a withdrawal.

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The same can happen with bank accounts, if there is a wrong digit in a branch or account. For this reason, an important tip is to have your documents and bank card with you when you register your details.

Although the purpose of this article is not to point out a better currency option, it is important to note that the choice of account currency cannot be changed, so pay attention to that as well. Withdrawing from an account set up in reais is simpler and faster than from a foreign currency, such as the dollar.

How do I withdraw funds?

Take advantage of 1 free withdrawal per month

Finally, also take into account the fees involved in IQ Option bank transfers. The good news is that you get 1 free withdrawal per month, so try to be patient to avoid your earnings being affected by the fees.

Withdrawing profits from a broker like IQ Option is certainly one of the most satisfying moments a trader can have. Understanding how the payment methods work, as well as their respective fees, is very important for optimizing your results.

Now that you know about the deposit and withdrawal options, such as bank transfer, at IQ Option, keep studying and improving.

And when the results start coming in, be sure to use the tips you’ve learned in this article!

After reading this article, you can get started with bank transfer by opening a demo account on the IQ Option platform, and get to know the most interesting trading strategies.

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