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Olymp Trade: How it Works and Tips for Successful Trading

Olymp Trade: Como Funciona e Dicas para o Sucesso na Negociação

Olymp Trade is an online trading platform that appeals to both beginners and experienced traders. It offers a wide range of financial assets, including currency pairs, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The trading process is easy to learn, especially for beginners. After registering, you can choose between real and demo accounts. The demo account is a valuable tool for beginners, allowing … Leia mais

Check Binary Options brokers

Verifique as corretoras de Opções Binárias

Fucking brokers again? You’re joking. You were warned that this would happen, weren’t you? So, we’re… going to revisit this subject again, but from a slightly different angle (all of it, all of it, for the last time). In general, it’s not difficult to choose brokers these days. It was quite complicated in 2013-2016, you had to be an expert. … Leia mais

60 seconds or “Turbo”


60-second binary options, also known as “turbo”, are incredibly popular with newbies. In fact, they always start with them. Why wait when you can almost double your profit in such a ridiculously short time? Tell you what. Let’s ask 6 experienced Western binary options traders (I’ve translated their answers) what they think about these short-term options. Then I’ll add my … Leia mais

A Brief Dictionary for a Binary Options Beginner


At first, we often come across incomprehensible words, so here we’ll go through the most common ones. Binary options terms for beginners Active Something that has a price that we see on the charts. We predict the movement of the price (quotation) and profit from it. For example: Currencies: EUR/USD Actions: AAPL Indices: S&P500 Produtos de base: UKOIL Bulls High … Leia mais

Binary options: casino or job

Opções Binárias: cassino ou trabalho

Because of stupid advertising to the most ignorant and greedy segments of the population, usually through very basic persuasion, binary options are often mistaken for a game or casino. Yes, they are positioned in a similar way. Binary companies emphasize in every possible way that 2 buttons are the simplest and sponsor sports teams. Some sponsor Juventus, others sponsor the … Leia mais

What do you think of IQ Option?

o que voce acha da corretora iq option

Explore the world of IQ Option, a well-regarded brokerage with a user-friendly platform for binary options and financial trading. Learn about its diverse features, regulatory compliance, and educational resources. Uncover the benefits of its mobile app, affiliate program, and accolades. However, keep in mind that responsible trading is vital, requiring discipline and continuous learning to thrive in financial markets.

Binary Options Robots and Signals

Robôs e Sinalizadores em Opções Binárias

The same goes for paid signals and indicators. All this garbage offers, at best, the usual technical analysis, freely available on any industry resource, at worst, they sell a boring slot machine. Signalers are good helpers for binary companies and often cooperate with them, often being created by them. Many robots and signal services are created by the binary companies … Leia mais

Intraday trading resources and end-of-day strategies for binary options

recursos de negociacao intradiaria e estrategias de fim de dia para opcoes binarias

There are a lot of impatient traders in OB, wouldn’t you agree? They don’t want to wait for the result for several hours, let alone days or even weeks. Many people want to see their balance increase almost every minute. However, intraday binary options trading is considered the least dangerous. Why? Today you’ll find out.

Binary Options Traders: Economics and Mathematics

Operadoras de Opções Binárias: Economia e Matemática

Trading, options, charts, quotes… it all sounds complicated, doesn’t it? A beginner will quickly think: there’s so much here, and I haven’t studied mathematics, economics, finance, politics… I can barely calculate mortgage interest on a calculator. And what are my chances here? I see economic news here and there: inflation; central bank discount rate; industrial production index; Eurobonds And a … Leia mais